Kreative Blogger Award

I’m so excited and thrilled that I got my very first blogger award.  Thanks for the nomination, Meg from Meg Travels!   Thank you, too, for sharing your travels and passion for living.  The world is too small not to explore with gusto!

The rules of this award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award to 7 nominees

Here goes…

Thanks, Meg!  Meg Travels is a poignant and practical blog that covers all sorts of travel-related topics.  I especially like her pieces on airport layovers and saving for a trip using souvenir banks.

The next item, 7 things about me.  That’s a tough one because I don’t find myself very interesting.  Oh well, here goes nothin’!

  1. I have about 20 VHS Disney movies from the early to mid 1990s (why? for my future family!) Nearly 20 years later, they survived 7 moves and only 2 were “warped” beyond repair.  And my daughter now loves them, too.  (I finally found a used TV/VHS combo for her)
  2. I’m most creative in the middle of the night.  Like now.
  3. I prefer books to e-books but I will gladly read my weekly gossip mag on my Nook.
  4. I am hooked on DIY, craft and design blogs.
  5. When I love a movie, I will gladly watch it again. And again and again.
  6. I bought over a dozen rugs while in Afghanistan.
  7. My dogs listen to “stage and screen” music when I leave the house.  Hubby thinks they are scarred for life.

Here are my 7 nominees for the Kreative Blogger Award:

  1. domestic diva, M.D.
  2. Going Dutch
  3. apartmentprep
  4. Kitchen Belleicious 
  5. Be a Fun Mum
  6. Emmas Designblogg
  7. cardboardmetravels

You all have fantastic blogs!  I’m proud to pass the Kreative Blogger award to you.  If you’ve already received it in the past, please accept my tribute to your blog!  Congratulations!



  1. says

    oh thank you soooo much! I apologize for just now getting here. I have had my hands FULL this past week. I am honored you thought of me and I truly appreciate it. Your blog is wonderful and I am in good company with the others!

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