5 Things to do when your Christmas tree falls down

Tonight our tree, bedecked in the 3 Gs ( glitter, glass, and garland) fell down shortly after midnight. I was the only one still awake, reading the news and contemplating a present wrapping session that didn’t happen. I don’t know why it fell, but I’m glad it was our artificial tree and not a real one that would have also made a wet mess. I’ll be honest; I was tempted to let it go until daylight. Then the guilt quickly set in. What if someone stepped on a shard of glass from a shattered ornament? I really didn’t want to pull glass out of anyone’s foot or paw on a Sunday morning. So here’s my middle of the night Quick Reaction Christmas Tree Rescue pointers, just in case you have a similar emergency before your family awakens.


1. PICK IT UP: carefully try to reset your tree. You may need an extra set of hands to do this if it’s a bulky tree. Be aware of broken or precariously hanging ornaments while getting it upright. If you’re barefoot, for goodness sakes, put on some shoes or slippers if you note any broken glass. Ornament glass is so fine that a shard could feel like a near invisible splinter.

2. CORRAL BYSTANDERS: luckily, my family, including the dogs, was sound asleep.

3. CLEAN: Gather your cleaning gear. Broken glass will need, at minimum, a dustpan and broom /brush. I had glass and glitter fall within a 3-4 foot radius. If your broom can’t get all the glass and glitter, try a small vacuum cleaner. Duct tape or masking tape would be a good substitution too.

4. DRINK: Seriously, you’re going to get just a little hacked off at redecorating the tree. Grab a glass and pour yourself some Holiday Cheer. I recommend 40 proof.

5. WATCH A GOOD CHRISTMAS MOVIE: I recommend something goofy and light hearted or a rom-com like Love Actually. I’d share the latter with my family, but trying to speed through the funny, poignant and nude scenes between body doubles John and Just Judy would be more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll watch it on my own unless I can squeeze in a movie date night after little one’s sound asleep.

6. DRINK MORE: yes, I know. I already said this and I promised 5 things. But since I’m going for a 2nd little glass of feelgood 40 proof, I can’t very well NOT suggest it.

Bottom line: when given lemons, make lemonade. When your tree falls, and you’re around to hear it, have another drink



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