Hi, I’m 5 and you’re fat

‘Tis the season of Reflection… Here’s a quick post on the 1st day of Christmas.

Being 5 means having no filter. It’s the age where a child can be precocious and cute and rude all at the same time.

We are trying to teach our child to have a filter between her brain and her mouth. Sadly, I am her test subject on most days. Here’s a sample list of some of Bella’s latest comments which could have used such a brain to mouth filter. But I’m a mom; I just let it roll off my thick skin (see #1).

1. Mom, you’re too fat but I’m skinny enough to pass by you anyway. I was sitting on the bottom step and she passed by to get upstairs.

2. Mommy, you’re short! I’m almost as tall as you! Ok, I am petite…so I don’t really mind this burst of honesty, but others who are vertically challenged just might!

3. Yes, I know. I am pretty smart. Sigh, there isn’t much difference between pride, self confidence and bragging, is there?

4. I am not your friend anymore. This statement usually lasts a couple of minutes and usually follows some type of play group disagreement. I hope she outgrows this soon.

5. Mommy drives CRAZY! This is her typical reply if asked why she prefers her father drive us around.

6. Mommy, your hair is crazy in that picture but now it’s really crazy. I’m serious! Her dad’s phone contact photo for me has me wearing a funny t-shirt stating “Bad Hair Day”

And the list goes on… Thankfully, we can laugh and use each moment as a teaching tool. And I use it as an excuse to have a drink. Wine, anyone?




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