A Weary Mother’s Prayer

Many thanks to my dear friend, Corinne Schmidt-Chua, for allowing me to reprint her lovingly crafted prayer below.  She originally posted it onto her Facebook timeline and it quickly resonated with her friends around the globe, including me.  I think I’ll have to post it on my bathroom mirror so I can see it first thing each morning!

Dear Lord, help me find joy in the things I do today
Help me, Lord, to find joy when I’m sweeping crumbs off the floor,
For that means we’ve had enough to eat.
Help me Lord, to find joy when cleaning grubby little hands and faces, 
For it means their little bodies have been nourished with love and nutrients.
Help me Lord, to find joy in piles of muddy laundry, 
For it means we are healthy enough to run and play outside.
Help me Lord, to find joy when I see messes in my house not made by me,
For that means I have loved ones to clean up after. 
Help me Lord, to find joy when the little one clings and would have no other,
For that means we have fostered a precious bond that will withstand the test of time. 
So help me, Lord
To be thankful for my daily grind, the burdens I bear.

Messy bedroom!

Bella & a really messy bedroom!

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  1. says

    NOW that is a true prayer. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to show humility while appreciating, gratifying, and requesting for blessings. A lovely share.

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