My Little Bitty 365 Days Project: Postcards, Make ‘em & Mail ‘em

I recently decided to do a couple of things regularly to keep my mind alive, my soul fulfilled and my frustrations at bay.  I started a modern dance class.  Not a big deal but when you’re 43 and the last time you took a formal dance class was a swing class in a park in Northern Virginia over a decade ago, it’s a HUGE deal.  I think I have 2 left feet (I’m a klutz and can trip on a perfectly flat surface).  So dancing is not at the top of my list of safe exercise options.  But I needed an outlet for all the pent up energy (Frustration, with a capital F) and honestly, watching my daughter in her dance class made me more than a little intrigued to try out one of the adult classes.

My daughter’s dance teacher bluntly encouraged me to try it out.  Michaela basically put it out there that she thought I’d enjoy it.  Oh, and it would help me lose weight.  Yes, she said that (Germans are nothing but completely honest).   I’d gained several pounds since the hubs returned from Afghanistan last spring.  Not that I’d ever mentioned it to her before but I was a bit self-conscious about being in a leotard and tights like the adult ballet class.  Nope, I could wear yoga pants and a t-shirt for this class.  So, I said why not.  That was last week.  I was sore for a couple of days and the tops of feet ached from all the toe pointing.  Still, I bit the bullet and decided to get a multiple class card for 130 euro, not an inexpensive purchase, but it obligates me to at least finish the card.  (Thanks to the hubs for the gift card!)

So where is this going?  Well, one of my favorite local photographers, Britney Brown, started a Selfie project on her blog, The Land of  Bee.  I think it’s fabulous and yes, you should check it out.  Right here.  And there have been a thousand and one different 365 day projects popping up here and there on social media.  And then there’s this  book my buddy Gina sent me when I retired, Noah Scalin‘s 365 A Daily Creativity Journal.  Mr. Scalin also tracks 365 day projects on his blog, Make Something 365.  I haven’t touched the book in a very long time, claiming I was too busy.  In all honesty, I was just afraid to commit.  Then I sat down and read the intro, again.  And decided something on the spot.  I was going to commit to a small project, handmade postcards, that I could do each day.  To top it off, in order to share my creation, I was going to send it out to folks.  I may not be able to send it out the very next day,  but I could send it out in small batches.  I’m hoping to send it through the German mail since that post office is nearby, even though the military post office is cheaper and I probably have 6 months worth of Forever stamps to use.  I just think that my friends overseas might like getting a postcard from Germany with a German postmark.  Even if the postcard might look like something their 5 year old could do.  It’s the thought that counts, gosh-darn-it!

Anyway, while I was watching Pitch Perfect for the thousandth time in the last week, I was INSPIRED.  Watching this movie, humming along to the tunes and  also scouring job search engines for grins and giggles was the perfect background (foreground?) for some middle of the night creativity.  I made my first postcard.  And I’m quite proud of it too.  I even know who I’ll send it to… and it’ll be a surprise!

I highlighted my love of reading in #1 and my favorite bookplates by local Wiesbadener, Claus Wittal, who passed away a couple of years ago. The bookplates are black and white; I added a bit of coloring which smeared a bit with the sealing process. (I think I will try pastels in the future.)

If you’d like me to send one of my future creations to you, please send me a private message with your mailing address.  You can also send a request on my Facebook page for GFTreks.  While you’re there, please “like” it, too!   (I’ll post the finished postcards there too.)



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