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A Paris Balcony on the Left Bank

A Paris Balcony on the Left Bank

I’m Melody and thanks for stopping by my latest blogventure, the new look for Global Family Treks.  Who am I?  I’ve been blogging since 2003 about travel, food & our life abroad.  Convenience & efficiency drove those blogs (Sand and Tsunamis, which is still being managed by the Man, and TexapinaMEL, which has since gone on permanent pause since 2008ish).  Truth be told, vast time differences & constant travel made calling home to the US painfully expensive & inconvenient (honesty hurts, I know).  So blogging and in general, social media, allowed us to share our lives with family and friends, near and far.

Any-who, my blogs have taken different looks and have been under different names over the years.  Currently, I’m also actively writing about Our Global Family and Family, Lifestyle, & Fashion. (formerly “Global Family Treks” & “Isabella & Olivia” respectively)

I’m American, born to Filipino parents.  What does that mean?  When you go to a Filipino party, expect to STAY a while, EATing and DRINKing.  Also expect to take home a plate lest you insult your Pinay hostess with the most-est.  You could say it’s like my personal modified Maslow-mantra, which I touched upon in another blogpost.  Check out my posts and reviews in “Food, Drink, & Travel” when you get a chance.  (Older posts from my old blog “Stay Eat & Drink” before the merge into GFT are found here)

My former career sent me around the world to exotic places like Guam, Hong Kong, Australia & Japan, for work & for play.  My marriage to an expert traveler, amateur photographer, and all-around nice guy guaranteed that my travels would continue.  We’ve traveled overland across South East Asia for fun.  We’ve sailed around French Polynesia as well as the Caribbean.  He never ceases to amaze me when it comes to planning great trips.  Now that we have a child, the traveling hasn’t stopped.  It’s been enhanced!

Anyway, wherever in this world I’ve traveled, I’ve had fantastic memories built upon the 3 tenets mentioned earlier.  After all, one has to eat, drink & sleep somewhere to survive.  And wherever we’ve gone, we’ve met some interesting characters and experienced many adventures, big and small.

PS: There’s a 4th category “War Stories” that’s a parking lot for memories.  Mine right now, from a 2010 Afghanistan deployment, originally blogged on Downrange Mama.  In the future, I plan to share other deployment memories from other times, other people.