Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia

A quick weekend girls trip to Barcelona was enough to fall utterly, completely in love with Gaudi’s work starting with the still unfinished¬†La Sagrada Familia. Time is of the essence when visiting Gaudi’s masterpiece. Take the time to absorb the quiet noise, but don’t forget that it’s still primarily a house of worship.¬†Reservations are needed to enter but once inside, you can linger all you wish.

Most valuable tip from locals: Don’t miss your ticket time for the main gate nor for a tower visit!

Tip for those with children, vertigo, claustrophobia: If you choose to climb the steps of either of the 2 towers currently open to the public, don’t look down. You may also wish to skip stepping out onto a balcony, too. Just saying.

Special thanks to gal pal Ana & my Bella for posing it up for me. Muwahhh!